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Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

  title={Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas},
  author={Hunter S. Thompson},

Rolling Stone's Coverage of the 1972 U.S. Presidential Election: A Case Study of Narrative Political Journalism

This paper examines Rolling Stone magazine's first extensive foray into political journalism during the presidential race between George McGovern and Richard Nixon. It examines the ways in which the

Fear and loathing in north London: Experiencing estate regeneration as psychosocial degeneration

  • Paul Watt
  • Sociology
    The Sociological Review
  • 2023
This article analyses residents’ emotional responses to the regeneration – involving demolition and rebuilding – of West Hendon council housing estate in north London. Based on ethnographic research,

La guerra de drones: caza, fantasía y el arte de asesinar

El artículo examina la guerra de drones como una forma de caza llevada a cabo por vía satélite desde la base militar aérea de Creech cerca de Las Vegas. El evento revelador inicial es el trauma que

Regulating the oxides of nitrogen – popping the myths

In 2015 and 2016, during the debates that culminated in The Psychoactive Substances Act 2016, both houses of the UK parliament debated the pharmacology of nitric oxide and amyl nitrites, otherwise

Adapting Hunter S. Thompson’s Writing to Cinema: Despicable Characters and (apparent) Lack of Purpose

Back in October 30, 1974 the eyes of the world were set upon what has been called by some as the greatest sporting event of the 20th century. In the capital city Kinshasa, in the Democratic Republic

Travel, transformation, and enlightenment in film: a critical review

ABSTRACT The purpose of this review article is to examine theoretical, methodological, and pedagogical bases for integrating travel and tourism and film into critical tourism education, and to

Prolonged Grief Disorder: An Implementation Gone Awry and a Researcher Going Gonzo

  • P. Lund
  • Sociology
    International Journal of Qualitative Methods
  • 2021
In this article I discuss the muddled implementation of Prolonged Grief Disorder in a Danish context. I do this by drawing on my fieldwork, which has been ongoing during the last couple of years. I

QAnon: A Conspiracy Cult or Quasi-Religion of Modern Times?

As with ISIL, QAnon’s ideology proliferates through easily-shareable digital content espousing grievances and injustices by “evil oppressors.” To perhaps a greater degree than any comparable

" I don ' t know who I am most of the time " : Constructed Identity in Todd Haynes ' ' I ' m Not

I'm Not There presents a radical departure from the traditional biopic. Rather than focusing on individual agency as a conduit of history, I'm Not There uses the figure of Bob Dylan as a conduit for

Guides to the Uncanny-Scapes

This chapter uncovers some of the hermeneutic narratives of hitchhiking. By analysing a range of pop-culture examples, it considers a number of poetic, political, filmic and literary themes related