Fear God and Dread Nought.

  title={Fear God and Dread Nought.},
  author={John D. Hayes and Arthur Jacob Marder},
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‘It’s a Case of All or None’: ‘Jacky’ Fisher’s Advice to Winston Churchill, 1911

In October 1911 Winston Churchill was appointed First Lord of the Admiralty with a mandate to improve the Royal Navy’s readiness for war. He immediately began a correspondence with ‘Jacky’ Fisher,

Sebastian Junger's War, “Expert Testimony,” and Understanding the Story

Using epistemological theory, this paper examines how literary journalists can know their subjects well. Sebastian Junger used multiple methods to report the experiences of soldiers in combat, which

The Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force in anti-submarine warfare policy, 1918-1945.

This thesis examines the roles played by the Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force in the formulation of Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) policy from 1918 to 1945. Its focus is on policy relating to the use

Recent Journal Articles

THE JOURNAL OF THE bibliography is compiled by the systematic search of approximately four hundred periodicals, a check of several general journal bibliographies, and the welcomed contribution of

Military History: A Selected Bibliography

Abstract : Military historian Williamson Murray has prepared this selected bibliography as a guide to the vast body of military histories and as a reading program that could extend our understanding

Accelerator and brake

The royal air force in Germany changing for the better

Does the RAF really need to remain in Germany? Given that there no longer exists a major threat to the security of Western Europe and that there is a need for all round reductions in defence

The Australian High Commissioner's Office : politics and Anglo-Australian relations, 1901-1939

The Australian High Commissioner's Office Politics and Anglo-Australian Relations, 1901-1939 Bernard Paul Attard St. Antony's College D.Phil Thesis Hilary Term, 1991 The thesis is a history of the