Fe2 Si5 N8 : Access to Open-Shell Transition-Metal Nitridosilicates.

  title={Fe2 Si5 N8 : Access to Open-Shell Transition-Metal Nitridosilicates.},
  author={Philipp Bielec and Oliver Janka and Theresa Block and Rainer Poettgen and Wolfgang Schnick},
  journal={Angewandte Chemie},
  volume={57 9},
Highly condensed nitridosilicates doped with Eu2+ or Ce3+ play an important role in saving energy by converting the blue light of (In,Ga)N-LEDs. Although nitridosilicates are known for great structural variety based on covalent anionic Si-N networks, elemental variety is restricted. Presenting a significant extension of the latter, this work describes a… CONTINUE READING