Favorable cardiovascular effects of pioglitazone: a meta-analysis


k.uzunova.hq@tchaikapharma.com Background Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) is characterized by insulin resistance, β cell failure, and microvascular and macrovascular complications. There is a two-fold to fourfold increased risk of a macrovascular event in patients with, compared with those without, diabetes [1]. Heart disease was listed as the most frequent and was represented 69.5% of death cases of people with diabetes [2]. Furthermore, diabetes mellitus predisposes people to premature atherosclerotic coronary artery disease (CAD) – another leading cause of mortality [3]. Factors such as diabetes-associated hypertension and dyslipidemia may contribute to the severity of vascular dysfunction in diabetes. Endothelial dysfunction may play a role in the progression of coronary atherosclerosis and these people are at increased risk for cardiac events [4].

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