Fault slip rates in the modern new madrid seismic zone

  title={Fault slip rates in the modern new madrid seismic zone},
  author={K R M{\"u}ller and Champion and Guccione and Kelson},
  volume={286 5442},
Structural and geomorphic analysis of late Holocene sediments in the Lake County region of the New Madrid seismic zone indicates that they are deformed by fault-related folding above the blind Reelfoot thrust fault. The widths of narrow kink bands exposed in trenches were used to model the Reelfoot scarp as a forelimb on a fault-bend fold; this, coupled with the age of folded sediment, yields a slip rate on the blind thrust of 6.1 +/- 0.7 mm/year for the past 2300 +/- 100 years. An alternative… CONTINUE READING