Fault diagnosis of three-phase induction motor: A review

  title={Fault diagnosis of three-phase induction motor: A review},
  author={Malik A. Alsaedi},
  booktitle={OPTICS 2015},
  • M. Alsaedi
  • Published in OPTICS 2015
  • Computer Science
Now a days the use of Condition Monitoring of electrical machines are increasing due to its potential to reduce operating costs, enhance the reliability of operation and improve service to customers. Different alternatives to detect and diagnose faults in induction machines have been proposed and implemented in the last years. These new alternatives are characterized by an on-line and non-invasive feature, that is to say, the capacity to detect faults while the machine is working and the… 

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Reviewing of the main options for induction machines fault detections and comparing has been the main consideration of this paper and the new techniques are essential to avoid inadvertent shutdown.

FPGA based on-line fault diagnostic of induction motors using electrical signature analysis

This work has focused on failure of bearing part of single phase induction motor and developed hardware for monitoring conditions in run time and the mechanism of fault diagnosis is employed using an FPGA approach that offers re-configurability.

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The developed fault diagnosis methods were found to be robust for various operating conditions (speeds and loads) of the IM.

Multi-Scale Principal Component Analysis for the Fault Detection and Isolation in Induction Motors

A MultiScale Principal Component Analysis which combines wavelet analysis with principal component analysis has been applied to the data obtained from the simulation model of an induction motor and it has been proved that the scheme has the capability of detecting the sensor faults also, in addition to the motor faults.

Diagnostics of mechanical and electrical faults in induction motors using wavelet-based features of vibration and current through support vector machine algorithms for various operating conditions

From the results, it is observed that the proposed methodology does not only take care of the practical problem of unavailability of data at different operating conditions, but also shows good performance and takes low computation time, which are vital requirements of a condition monitoring and diagnostic system.

A fault diagnosis approach for electrical induction motors via energetic based scheme

An energetic based approach is presented for a class of Linear Parameter Varying (LPV) systems subject to sensor and component faults, which provides the possibility of using the Least Square technique to component fault estimation.

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This paper analyzes the performance of wavelet packet transform and support vector machine (SVM) based fault diagnostics of induction motors (IMs) at various operating conditions to test the robustness of developed diagnostics.

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A review paper describing different types of faults and the signatures they generate and their diagnostics' schemes will not be entirely out of place to avoid repetition of past work and gives a bird's eye view to a new researcher in this area.

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This paper deals with the electric tracing of the load variation of an induction machine supplied by the mains. A load problem, like a torque dip, affects the machine supply current and consequently

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An online induction motor diagnosis system using motor current signature analysis (MCSA) with advanced signal-and-data-processing algorithms is proposed, able to ascertain four kinds of motor faults and diagnose the fault status of an induction motor.

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Three-phase induction motors are the "workhorses" of industry and are the most widely used electrical machines. In an industrialized nation, they can typically consume between 40 to 50% of all the

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Recently, research has picked up a fervent pace in the area of fault diagnosis of electrical machines. Computer simulation of electric motor operation is particularly useful gaining an insight into

Applications of artificial intelligence techniques for induction machine stator fault diagnostics: review

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    4th IEEE International Symposium on Diagnostics for Electric Machines, Power Electronics and Drives, 2003. SDEMPED 2003.
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A review of developments in applications of artificial intelligence techniques for induction machine stator fault diagnostics, including fault diagnosis of electric motor drive systems using AI techniques has been considered.

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The popular monitoring methods for and research status of CM on transformers, generators, and induction motors, respectively are described and the potential benefits through the utilization of advanced signal processing and artificial intelligence techniques in developing novel CM schemes are pointed out.

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This paper addresses the possibility of integration of an external motor faults (e.g., phase failure, unbalanced voltage, locked rotor, undervoltage, overvoltage, phase sequence reversal of supply