Fault-Tolerant WSN Time Synchronization


This paper proposes a new fault-tolerant time synchronization algorithm for wireless sensor networks that requires a short time for synchronization, achieves a guaranteed time synchronization level for all non-faulty nodes, accommodates nodes that enter suspended mode and then wake up, is computationally efficient, operates in a completely decentralized manner and tolerates up to f (out of 2 f + 1 total) faulty nodes. The performance of the proposed algorithm is analyzed, and an equation is derived for the resynchronization interval required for a specific level of synchronization precision. Results obtained from real runs on multi-hop networks are used to demonstrate the claimed features of the proposed algorithm.

DOI: 10.4236/wsn.2010.210089

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@article{Jang2010FaultTolerantWT, title={Fault-Tolerant WSN Time Synchronization}, author={Ung-Jin Jang and Sung-Gu Lee and Jun-Young Park and Sung-Joo Yoo}, journal={Wireless Sensor Network}, year={2010}, volume={2}, pages={739-745} }