Fault-Tolerant Additive Weighted Geometric Spanners


Let S be a set of n points and let w be a function that assigns non-negative weights to points in S. The additive weighted distance dw(p, q) between two points p, q ∈ S is defined as w(p) + d(p, q) + w(q) if p 6= q and it is zero if p = q. Here, d(p, q) denotes the (geodesic) Euclidean distance between p and q. A graph G(S,E) is called a t-spanner for the… (More)


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@article{Inkulu2017FaultTolerantAW, title={Fault-Tolerant Additive Weighted Geometric Spanners}, author={R. Inkulu and B. Sukanya}, journal={CoRR}, year={2017}, volume={abs/1709.01061} }