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Fault Tolerance Mechanisms and its Implementation in Cloud Computing - A Review

  title={Fault Tolerance Mechanisms and its Implementation in Cloud Computing - A Review},
  author={Sweta Patel and A. Singh},
Cloud Computing, with its great potentials in low cost and on-demand services, is an auspicious computing platform for both commercial and non-commercial computation clients. Cloud Computing aims to provide reliable services within data centres that contain servers, storage and networks. The services are delivered to the users transparently without their need to know the details of the underlying software and hardware. One of the challenge for cloud computing is to ensure that the applications… Expand
A Review on Fault Tolerance Techniques and Algorithms in Cloud Computing Environment
The main objective of this paper is to discuss about the different techniques and algorithms of fault tolerance, which are needed to achieve robustness and dependability in cloud computing. Expand
Effective Fault Tolerance Management in Cloud Computing
Cloud computing is an adoptable technology as it provides integration of software and hardware resources which are dynamically scalable. The dynamic environment of cloud results in various unexpectedExpand
Checkpointing Algorithms for Fault-Tolerant Execution of Large-Scale Distributed Applications in Cloud
This work presents checkpointing based fault tolerance protocols for two types of distributed applications, the Bags of Tasks and large scale distributed applications composed of multiple tasks dependent on each other due to inter-task message passing. Expand
Meta Heuristic Based Load Balancing Schemes For Cloud Environment : A Review
706 ISSN: 2278 – 7798 All Rights Reserved © 2016 IJSETR Abstract Cloud Computing is a new technology which uses virtual machine instead of physical machine to host, store and network the differentExpand
Dynamic Task Scheduling using Balanced VM Allocation Policy for Fog Computing Platforms
The results obtained from the experiments have shown that there are no SLA violations recorded during both of the simulation, which clearly shows that the VM migrations are the major cause of SLA violation cases. Expand


Adaptive Fault Tolerance in Real Time Cloud Computing
A fault tolerance model for real time cloud computing that tolerates the faults and makes the decision on the basis of reliability of the processing nodes, i.e. virtual machines, is proposed. Expand
A comprehensive conceptual system-level approach to fault tolerance in Cloud Computing
Fault tolerance, reliability and resilience in Cloud Computing are of paramount importance to ensure continuous operation and correct results, even in the presence of a given maximum amount of faultyExpand
Fault Tolerance- Challenges, Techniques and Implementation in Cloud Computing
Fault tolerance is a major concern to guarantee availability and reliability of critical services as well as application execution. In order to minimize failure impact on the system and applicationExpand
Characterizing cloud computing hardware reliability
This paper is the first attempt to study server failures and hardware repairs for large datacenters and presents a detailed analysis of failure characteristics as well as a preliminary analysis on failure predictors. Expand
FTCloud: A Component Ranking Framework for Fault-Tolerant Cloud Applications
FTCloud which is a component ranking based framework for building fault-tolerant cloud applications and shows that by tolerating faults of a small part of the most significant components, the reliability of cloud application can be greatly improved. Expand
This survey provides the related research results about faultolerance in distinct functional areas of grid infrastructure and also gave the future directions about fault tolerance techniques, and it is a good reference for researcher. Expand
Fault Tolerance Middleware for Cloud Computing
The Low Latency Fault Tolerance (LLFT) middleware provides fault tolerance for distributed applications deployed within a cloud computing or data center environment, using the leader/followerExpand
Fault tolerant workflow scheduling based on replication and resubmission of tasks in Cloud Computing
The proposed Fault Tolerant Workflow Scheduling algorithm (FTWS) provides fault tolerance by using replication and resubmission of tasks based on priority of the tasks based upon a heuristic metric. Expand
Candy: Component-based Availability Modeling Framework for Cloud Service Management Using SysML
This paper presents a component-based availability modeling framework, named Candy, which constructs a comprehensive availability model semi-automatically from system specifications described by Systems Modeling Language (SysML). Expand
  • J. Laprie
  • Engineering, Computer Science
  • Twenty-Fifth International Symposium on Fault-Tolerant Computing, 1995, ' Highlights from Twenty-Five Years'.
  • 1995
This paper provides a concepeual framework for expressing the attributes of what constitutes dependable and reliable computing: the impairrnents to dependability: faults, errors, and failures, theExpand