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Fault Direction Estimation for DFIG Integrated Distribution System

  title={Fault Direction Estimation for DFIG Integrated Distribution System},
  author={Adela Chirita Emandi},
In Recent years, Distributed energy sources such as wind generators, PV generators, fuel cells have become more attractive to integrate in power system at distribution level because of environmental issues and to replace the fossil fuels which are decreasing day by day. The distributed generation is expected to play a major role in future power systems. The solar and wind energy forms are the two main formsof the renewable energy resources. But, the presence of renewable energy resources will… 



Three-Phase Fault Direction Identification for Distribution Systems With DFIG-Based Wind DG

Distributed generation (DG) integration necessitates upgrading some distribution system overcurrent relays to directional ones to offer selective protection. The directional feature is conventionally

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A new method to eliminate DG's negative effects on the existing distribution network protection

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Variable speed wind turbines (WT) based on the Doubly-Fed Induction Generator (DFIG) is commercially offered and is frequently used in grid connected mode. The variable speed operation in such wind

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