Fault Diagnosis in Three-Phase Thyristor Converters Using Microprocessor


A microprocessor-based fault diagnosis scheme is presented for a three-phase fully controlled converter. In addition to the monitoring of the faults, the system also has the provision for a microprocessor-based firing scheme and a feedback-current control loop which provides protection against short circuit across the load terminals. The scheme has been experimentally tested. The osciliograms of some important waveforms are presented.

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@article{Murty1984FaultDI, title={Fault Diagnosis in Three-Phase Thyristor Converters Using Microprocessor}, author={Yerramilli V.S.S. Murty and Gopal K. Dubey and R. Mahesh K. Sinha}, journal={IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications}, year={1984}, volume={IA-20}, pages={1490-1497} }