Faulkner's Return to the Freudian Father: Sanctuary Reconsidered

  title={Faulkner's Return to the Freudian Father: Sanctuary Reconsidered},
  author={Doreen A. Fowler},
  journal={MFS Modern Fiction Studies},
  pages={411 - 434}
  • D. Fowler
  • Published 1 June 2004
  • Art, Psychology
  • MFS Modern Fiction Studies
Faulkner's Sanctuary compulsively revisits and refashions a centerpiece of Freudian thought, the primal scene, an image out of the unconscious mind for the origin of identity and the cultural order. As construed by Freud, the primal scene becomes a dramatization of his theory of male identity-formation in castration anxiety; that is, the primal scene poses the castration threat that causes the boy to turn away from his mother and subordinate himself to his father. Faulkner's inscriptions of the… 
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