Fatty hormones in pollen and immature seeds of bean

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Use of Phytohormones in Conferring Tolerance to Environmental Stress
The information given in the chapter will be helpful for plant growers and researchers to understand the mechanism of action of these phytohormones for better growth and production under changing environmental conditions. Expand
Brassinosteroids, the Sixth Class of Phytohormones: A Molecular View from the Discovery to Hormonal Interactions in Plant Development and Stress Adaptation
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Does Application of Brassinosteroids mitigate the Temperature Stress in Plants?
  • B. Vardhini
  • Environmental Science
  • International Journal of Earth Science and Geology
  • 2019
The temperature across the globe is constantly changing for the worse of the biotic beings viz., the flora and fauna. Rapid temperature changes are the result of continuous interference of humanExpand
Modifications of morphological and anatomical characteristics of plants by application of brassinosteroids under various abiotic stress conditions - A review
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A bioassay for brassinosteroid activity based on the in vitro fluorimetric detection of nitric oxide production
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Brassinosteroids: synthesis and biological activities
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Phytoalexins and other natural products as factors in plant disease resistance
The detection and characterisation of phytoalexins and other related natural products, the elucidation of their biosynthetic pathways and where appropriate their antifungal mechanisms, and the development of these substances or synthetic analogues for use in crop protection provides a new and exciting field of plant pathology which without doubt will be greatly expanded in the years that lie ahead. Expand
Selected Physiological Responses of Brassinosteroids: A Historical Approach
Brassinosteroids are endogenous growth promoting hormones that have a structure similar to steroids in mammals. For over 70 years mammalian steroids have been known to function as hormones and, givenExpand