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Fatty acids of Phytophthora fungi grown on various media

  title={Fatty acids of Phytophthora fungi grown on various media},
  author={O. I. Pan'kina and I. V. Konova},
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Lipid Fraction and Intracellular Metabolite Analysis Reveal the Mechanism of Arachidonic Acid-Rich Oil Accumulation in the Aging Process of Mortierella alpina.
The mechanism of arachidonic acid content increase during aging of Mortierella alpina was elucidated and translocation played a vital role in ARA redistribution among the glycerol moiety, and mycelium did not die immediately with key pathways activated to maintain a relatively stable intracellular environment. Expand
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This listing covers the period May 1, 1997 through to June 30, 1997, which roughly corresponds with the British Mycological Society's Special Interest Committees. Expand