Fatty acid metabolism inTaphrina deformans treated with sterol biosynthesis inhibitors

  title={Fatty acid metabolism inTaphrina deformans treated with sterol biosynthesis inhibitors},
  author={John D. Weete and Michel Sancholle and Koni A. Patterson and Kenton S. Miller and Mike Qingtao Huang and Fiona Campbell and M. Van den Reek},
Changes in the unsaturated fatty acid content of the fungusTaphrina deformans as a function of growth, temperature, and sterol content were investigated. It was found that the highest growth rate was accompanied by a relatively high degree of fatty acid unsaturation (18∶1<18∶2+18∶3) and low sterol (brassicasterol) content. Also, a substantial shift in the degree of unsaturation from mainly 18∶2+18∶3 to 18∶1 occurred in the later stages (mid-linear) of culture development. Cells readily adapted… CONTINUE READING


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