Fatty acid composition in deep hydrothermal vent symbiotic bivalves.

  title={Fatty acid composition in deep hydrothermal vent symbiotic bivalves.},
  author={F Ben-Mlih and James Marty and Aline Fiala-M{\'e}dioni},
  journal={Journal of lipid research},
  volume={33 12},
Fatty acids in deep hydrothermal vent bivalves have been analyzed. Their composition is completely different from that of a littoral mussel collected in the Mediterranean sea. The distribution of fatty acids in the littoral mussel is characterized by a predominance of polyunsaturated fatty acids (20:5n-3, 22:6n-3) reflecting the planktonic origin of the food. Vent bivalve fatty acid distribution is dominated by an abundance of the monounsaturated acids (double bond in the n-7 position) 16:1n-7… CONTINUE READING
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