Fathers' perceptions regarding parenting and discipline based on community norms and practices

  • Anna Marie Yelick, ANNA YELICK
  • Published 2016


<lb>FATHERS’ PERCEPTIONS REGARDING PARENTING AND DISCIPLINE BASED ON<lb>COMMUNITY NORMS AND PRACTICES<lb>by ANNA YELICK<lb>MAY 2011<lb>Advisor: Dr. Shawna Lee<lb>Major: Social Work<lb>Degree: Master of Social Work<lb>Determining fathers’ perceptions of community norms on discipline is paramount to<lb>understanding how to develop social work interventions that target fathers’ parenting behaviors.<lb>Understanding why a father engages in one form of discipline over another in child rearing and<lb>understanding how fathers view their parenting role is important when discussing<lb>implementation of parenting programs. This study was conducted using qualitative focus groups<lb>comprised of men ranging from late adolescents to mid-adulthood. The majority of the men were<lb>lower economic status, African American fathers recruited from a human services agency in<lb>Detroit. One-hour long, semi-structured focus group discussions were content coded, resulting in narratives based on several themes. There were four major themes presented; community resources for men to learn how to parent, discipline techniques used in the community, effective<lb>versus ineffective discipline, and an overarching ideology of the group. Two other themes were discussed in less depth: types of discipline not frequently used by parents in the community and<lb>fathering programs that are available or could be available to help men learn about parenting. The main conclusion was that while corporal punishment is practiced, the majority of these men

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