Fathers and Fetuses

  title={Fathers and Fetuses},
  author={George Washington Harris},
  pages={594 - 603}
  • G. Harris
  • Published 1 April 1986
  • Philosophy
  • Ethics
Harris postulates that in certain instances it would be morally impermissible for a woman to have an abortion because it would be a wrongful harm to the father and a violation of his autonomy. He constructs and analyzes five cases chosen to elucidate the moral issues involved and concludes that, for a man to lay claim to the fetus being his in a sense that the mother is obligated to respect, the fetus must be the result of his having pursued a legitimate interest in procreation in a morally… 

Fathers and Abortion

I argue that it is possible for prospective mothers to wrong prospective fathers by bearing their child; and that lifting paternal liability for child support does not correct the wrong inflicted to

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In this chapter I argue that three widely accepted principles regarding abortion and parental rights are prima facie jointly inconsistent. These principles are probably accepted by most who consider

Ectogenesis and the Moral Status of the Fetus

Many people believe the morality of abortion stands or falls with the moral status of the fetus.  Judith Jarvis Thomson’s violinist argument bypasses the question of fetal moral status; even if the

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The modern utilitarian abortion debate focuses on how women are affected by abortion but has neglected the utilitarian concerns of men. Abortion is currently justified based on ethical claims that

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This paper analyzes the following question: What do women deserve, ethically speaking, when they agree to gestate a fetus on behalf of third parties? I argue for several claims. First, I argue that

Abortion and Ectogenesis: Moral Compromise

It is argued those opposed to abortion have a prima facie moral obligation to pursue ectogenesis technology and provide ectogenesis for disconnected fetuses as part of a moral compromise.

Men and Abortion: A Review of Empirical Reports Concerning the Impact of Abortion on Men

Research concerning elective abortion has focused on women. However, as men are involved in conception and termination, they may also be affected by abortion. Empirical reports concerning the

Men’s Task in Luce Irigaray’s Ethics of Sexual Difference: Privilege, Responsibility, and Reparations

MEN’S TASK IN LUCE IRIGARAY’S ETHICS OF SEXUAL DIFFERENCE: PRIVILEGE, RESPONSIBILITY, AND REPARATIONS Andrew Alan Robinson Advisor: University of Guelph, 2014 Professor Karen Houle In my dissertation

Men's involvement in antenatal care and labour: rethinking a medical model.