Father Procopius Diviš -- The European Franklin

  title={Father Procopius Divi{\vs} -- The European Franklin},
  author={Karel Hujer},
  pages={351 - 357}
  • K. Hujer
  • Published 1 December 1952
  • Physics, History
  • Isis
Although it seems unlikely by the nature of the assumptions involved, it should be explained. Most of Pingre's sources agree that a comet appeared around 25 January 1240 and was observed to be around the north pole. But one of the sources 16 recorded that this comet (or could it have been another?) appeared at the beginning of 1241. This difference in year numbers might be explained in the following way. At the time of the second conjunction of Mars and Jupiter (12 March I240) the sun was in 3E… 
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Physics in General

D’Alembert counted as physics in general disciplines such optics, acoustics, positional astronomy, cosmology, magnetism and electricity. For the sake of space, this chapter deals with optics and


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