Fatal toxoplasmosis in a red lory (Eos bornea).

  title={Fatal toxoplasmosis in a red lory (Eos bornea).},
  author={Elizabeth W. Howerth and Gary A Rich and Jitender Prakash Dubey and K. Yogasundram},
  journal={Avian diseases},
  volume={35 3},
Toxoplasmosis was diagnosed in a 3-week-old red lory (Eos bornea). Grossly, there was hepatomegaly and pulmonary consolidation. The salient microscopic lesions were multifocal necrotizing mycocarditis, interstitial pneumonia with multifocal necrosis and vasculitis, and multifocal necrotizing hepatitis with periacinar hepatocellular necrosis. Toxoplasma gondii-like organisms were observed in lung, heart, and liver by light and electron microscopy. The organisms in tissues stained with anti-T… CONTINUE READING

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