Fatal interaction between ritonavir and MDMA

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Surviving life-threatening MDMA (3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine, ecstasy) toxicity caused by ritonavir (RTV)
In conclusion, RTV can produce a disproportionate increase in MDMA plasma concentrations due to a combination of simple accumulation and inhibition of metabolism by interaction with CYP2D6, and subsequently exacerbate the potentially lifethreatening toxic effects of MDMA.
Increasing use of ‘party drugs’ in people living with HIV on antiretrovirals: a concern for patient safety
Knowledge of the metabolic pathways of ‘party drugs’ may help in advising patients on which illicit substances have a high potential for drug–drug interactions, as this is not the case for all.
Study of the toxicological interactions between amphetamine designer drugs in the context of polydrug abuse
The impact of hyperthermia on the toxicity of amphetaminic mixtures and its applications in clinical practice and animal studies is investigated.
Medical Complications of Crystal Methamphetamine
This article reviews available literature on the medical morbidities associated with methamphetamine abuse in HIV-infected patients and suggests that dopaminergic systems are vulnerable to the combined neurotoxicity of HIV infection and methamphetamine.
Altered states: the clinical effects of Ecstasy.
Increasing emergency department admissions for chemsex-related intoxications in Barcelona, Spain, among people living with HIV: an observational study from 2018 to 2020
Chemsex-related intoxications are an increasing clinical problem in people living with HIV and should be routinely screened and addressed in clinical practice, particularly for people with mental illness and low CD4 cell counts, who are at higher risk for severe intoxications.
Available Agents: Contraindications and Potential Drug–Drug Interactions
The universal roll-out of direct-acting antiviral (DAA) agents has revolutionised the treatment of hepatitis C infection resulting in a treatment and cure option for nearly every individual who wants
Prevalence, beliefs and impact of drug-drug interactions between antiretroviral therapy and illicit drugs among people living with HIV in Spain
Adequate information about pDDIs and indicators about how to manage ART when PLHIV use drugs could improve ART non-adherence and be considered in the clinical management of HIV patients.
Clinical impact of recreational drug use among people living with HIV in southern Taiwan.
Novel Phenethylamines and their Potential Interactions with Prescription Drugs: A Systematic Critical Review.
A drug-drug (phenethylamine-prescription drug) interaction potential is anticipated, mainly involving monoamine oxidases for 2C-B and 4- FA, with monoamine transporters being more specific to 4-FA.


Protease Inhibitors in Patients with HIV Disease
Recent work demonstrates an even greater antiviral effect from triple therapy with 2 nucleosides, zidovudine plus zalcitabine with the addition of saquinavir, a new protease inhibitor drug.
Survival following intentional massive overdose of 'Ecstasy'.
A case of intentional overdose with 18 'Ecstasy' tablets is described, the first reported case of massive intentional overdose reported in the literature.