Fatal encephalitis/encephalopathy in primary human herpesvirus-6 infection.

  title={Fatal encephalitis/encephalopathy in primary human herpesvirus-6 infection.},
  author={Yoshizo Asano and Tetsushi Yoshikawa and Yuji Kajita and Ryohei Ogura and Sadao Suga and Takahito Yazaki and Tsutomu Nakashima and Akemi Yamada and T. Kurata},
  journal={Archives of disease in childhood},
  volume={67 12},
An encephalitic illness with a fatal outcome occurred in a 9 month old girl with virologically confirmed exanthem subitum. Human herpes-virus-6 (HHV-6) DNA was found in the cerebrospinal fluid at the acute stage of the disease by the polymerase chain reaction, but the virus antigen was not detected in her brain tissue. This suggests that HHV-6-induced encephalitis/encephalopathy may be due to a non-infectious process. 
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