Fatal asthma after omalizumab and controller therapy discontinuation.

  title={Fatal asthma after omalizumab and controller therapy discontinuation.},
  author={Carolina Lombardi and Marcello Cottini and Giovanni Passalacqua},
  journal={European annals of allergy and clinical immunology},
  volume={50 5},
Summary In this clinical case we report a fatal asthma episode in a 28-year old female, who was sensitized to pollens and mould, and with episodes of near-fatal asthma. She was successfully treated with omalizumab, that was discontinued after 5 years. After that, the patient also discontinued controller medications. In 2015, 3 years after omalizumab discontinuation, she had a fatal asthma attack, with respiratory failure and needing mechanical ventilation. This case report suggests that… CONTINUE READING

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