Fatal anaphylaxis following multiple red fire ant strings

  title={Fatal anaphylaxis following multiple red fire ant strings},
  author={Radheshyam Purkait and Biswajit Das and Ashis Kumar Saha and Sreyasi Bhattacharya and Monoranjan Mondal and Birendranath Roy},
  journal={IOSR Journal of Dental and Medical Sciences},
Red Fire Ants Are Present In Almost All Countries And In All Places. Because Of Their Resistance To Natural And Chemical Control, Fire Ants Can Overwhelm Their Environment And Destroy Land And Animals. Fire Ants Can Also Cause A Variety Of Health Problems In Humans, Ranging From Simple Stings To Severe Life Threatening Anaphylaxis. Most Of The Deaths Following Red Fire Ant Strings Are Reported From South-Eastern United States And Australia. We Report A Three-Year-Old Child, Known Allergic To… 
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Fatal anaphylaxis due to fire ant stings.

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Deaths caused by imported fire ant stings are rare but are likely to become more common as the fire ant population expands, and the importance of recognizing the characteristic skin lesions produced by fire ants is stressed.

Fatal anaphylaxis to indoor native fire ant stings in an infant.

Testing and treatment with IFA whole-body extract is likely to be to be effective for native fire ant allergy, although there is significant cross-reactivity among the venoms of Solenopsis species, although some species' specificity exists for the Sol 2 allergen.

Rhabdomyolysis and Acute Renal Failure After Fire Ant Bites

A 59-year-old patient who developed acute renal failure because of rhabdomyolysis after extensive redFire ant bites is described to alert the medical community of the possibility of such a complication that can occur in the victims of fire ant bites.

Fatal anaphylaxis following jack jumper ant sting in southern Tasmania

There is potential to prevent deaths by careful education of people with known allergy, prescribing of adrenaline for auto‐injection and development of an effective hyposensitisation therapy.


The phenomenon to which Richet first gave the name of anaphylaxis has been viewed from all sides, but it still is not clear as to its causation.

Angioedema following ingestion of fried flying red fire ants

A case of recurrent non allergic angioedema following ingestion of fried flying red ants is reported, which is reported to be the first such case of its kind in India.

Anaphylaxis due to Red fire ant bite.

A toddler who suffered from severe anaphylaxis reaction due to bite of Red fire ant (Solenopsis geminata) is reported.

A population-based epidemiologic study of emergency department visits for anaphylaxis in Florida.

The worldwide transfer of ants: geographical distribution and ecological invasions

AimThis is the first comprehensive account of the biogeography of ants transferred and at least temporarily established outside their native habitat.

Postmortem findings after fatal anaphylactic reactions

In many cases of fatal anaphylaxis no specific macroscopic findings are present at postmortem examination, which reflects the rapidity and mode of death, which is often the result of shock rather than asphyxia.