Fatal Fat Embolism After Penis Enlargement by Autologous Fat Transfer: A Case Report and Review of the Literature

  title={Fatal Fat Embolism After Penis Enlargement by Autologous Fat Transfer: A Case Report and Review of the Literature},
  author={Brita Zilg and Petra R{\aa}sten-Almqvist},
  journal={Journal of Forensic Sciences},
Fat embolism is an incidental finding in cases of long bone fractures or other trauma, but it is also associated with liposuction and autologous fat transfer, a procedure where fat from liposuction is injected back into the same patient's face, breast, buttocks or penis. We here present a case of sudden death by fat embolism in a healthy young male, caused by a simple penis enlargement procedure, in which fat was injected into the penis shaft. We suggest that the risk of fat embolization might… Expand
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Discussion: Understanding Fatal Fat Embolism in Gluteal Lipoinjection: A Review of the Medical Records and Autopsy Reports of 16 Patients.
The authors investigated deaths directly linked to gluteal fat augmentations that occurred in three cities, which today have a combined population of less than 13 million, and found that high intragluteal pressure alone does not lead to fatal fat emboli and that there must be a venous injury. Expand
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Acute fatal fat tissue embolism after autologous fat transfer in a patient with lupus profundus.
Autologous fat injection has been used to correct volume loss secondary to idiopathic lipoatrophy and inflammatory processes such as acne vulgaris, as well as in the rejuvenation of the aging face.Expand
Fat Transfer and Fatal Macroembolization
Simple pre‐operative questioning for sciatica symptoms and possible radiologic study to rule out sciatic varices seem prudent before undertaking buttock‐enhancing surgery, as a potential conduit for macroscopic fat to reach the lungs. Expand
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It is suggested that fragments of fatty tissue reach ocular and cerebral arteries by reversed flow through branches of the carotid arteries after they are introduced into facial vessels and should be avoided into pretraumatized soft tissue, for example, after rhytidectomy. Expand
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Efficacy and Safety of Penile Girth Enhancement by Autologous Fat Injection for Patients with Thin Penises
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Acute fatal stroke immediately following autologous fat injection into the face
A 39-year-old woman underwent autologous fat injection into the glabella to correct frown lines and one minute after fat injection, the patient developed mental change, aphasia, and right hemiplegia. Expand
Deaths Caused by Gluteal Lipoinjection: What Are We Doing Wrong?
In this study, the authors found that intramuscular gluteal lipoinjection is associated with mortality caused bygluteal blood vessel damage allowing macroscopic and microscopic fat embolism; therefore, buttocks lipoin injection should be performed very carefully, avoiding injections into deep muscle planes. Expand
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