Fat, Fiber and Cancer Risk in African Americans and Rural Africans

  title={Fat, Fiber and Cancer Risk in African Americans and Rural Africans},
  author={Stephen J D O'keefe and Jia Li and Leo Lahti and Junhai Ou and Franck Carbonero and Khaled Abou-Elezz Fouad Mohammed and Joram M. Posma and James Kinross and Elaine Wahl and Elizabeth H. Ruder and Kishore Vipperla and Vasudevan G Naidoo and Lungile Mtshali and Sebastian Tims and Philippe G B Puylaert and James P DeLany and Alyssa M. Krasinskas and Ann C. Benefiel and Hatem O Kaseb and Keith Newton and Jeremy K. Nicholson and Willem M de Vos and H. Rex Gaskins and Erwin G. Zoetendal},
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Rates of colon cancer are much higher in African Americans (65:100,000) than in rural South Africans (<5:100,000). The higher rates are associated with higher animal protein and fat, and lower fibre consumption, higher colonic secondary bile acids, lower colonic short-chain fatty acid quantities and higher mucosal proliferative biomarkers of cancer risk in otherwise healthy middle-aged volunteers. Here we investigate further the role of fat and fibre in this association. We performed 2-week… CONTINUE READING