Fasting downregulates renal water channel AQP2 and causes polyuria.

  title={Fasting downregulates renal water channel AQP2 and causes polyuria.},
  author={Hassane Amlal and Qing Chen and K Habo and Zhaohui Wang and Manoocher Soleimani},
  journal={American journal of physiology. Renal physiology},
  volume={280 3},
Starvation causes impairment in the urinary concentrating ability. The mechanism of this defect, however, remains unknown. We tested the possibility that food deprivation might affect the expression and activity of aquaporins (AQP1, 2), thereby impairing renal water reabsorption in the kidney. Rats fasted for 24 h exhibited severe polyuria (urine volume increased from 11 before fasting to 29 ml/24 h after fasting, P < 0.0001) along with failure to concentrate their urine (urine osmolality… CONTINUE READING


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