Faster exponential time algorithms for the shortest vector problem

  title={Faster exponential time algorithms for the shortest vector problem},
  author={Panagiotis Voulgaris and Daniele Micciancio},
  booktitle={SODA '10},
We present new faster algorithms for the exact solution of the shortest vector problem in arbitrary lattices. Our main result shows that the shortest vector in any <i>n</i>-dimensional lattice can be found in time 2<sup>3.199<i>n</i></sup> (and space 2<sup>1.325<i>n</i></sup>), or in space 2<sup>1.095<i>n</i></sup> (and still time 2<sup><i>O(n)</i></sup>). This improves the best previously known algorithm by Ajtai, Kumar and Sivakumar [Proceedings of STOC 2001] which was shown by Nguyen and… Expand
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