Faster algorithms for the shortest path problem

  title={Faster algorithms for the shortest path problem},
  author={R. Ahuja and K. Mehlhorn and J. Orlin and R. Tarjan},
  journal={J. ACM},
  • R. Ahuja, K. Mehlhorn, +1 author R. Tarjan
  • Published 1990
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • J. ACM
  • Efficient implementations of Dijkstra's shortest path algorithm are investigated. A new data structure, called the <italic>radix heap</italic>, is proposed for use in this algorithm. On a network with <italic>n</italic> vertices, <italic>m</italic> edges, and nonnegative integer arc costs bounded by <italic>C</italic>, a one-level form of radix heap gives a time bound for Dijkstra's algorithm of <italic>O</italic>(<italic>m</italic> + <italic>n</italic> log <italic>C</italic>). A two-level form… CONTINUE READING
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