Faster Compressed Top-k Document Retrieval

  title={Faster Compressed Top-k Document Retrieval},
  author={Wing-Kai Hon and Sharma V. Thankachan and Rahul Shah and Jeffrey Scott Vitter},
  journal={2013 Data Compression Conference},
Let D = {d<sub>1</sub>, d<sub>2</sub>,...d<sub>D</sub>} be a given collection of D string documents of total length n, our task is to index D, such that whenever a pattern P (of length p) and an integer k come as a query, those k documents in which P appears the most number of times can be listed efficiently. In this paper, we propose a compressed index taking 2|CSA| + D logn/D + O(D) + o(n) bits of space, which answers a query with O(t<sub>sa</sub> log k log<sup>ϵ</sup> n) per document report… CONTINUE READING