Fast tracking of cardiac motion using 3D-HARP

  title={Fast tracking of cardiac motion using 3D-HARP},
  author={Li Pan and Joao A. C. Lima and Nael F. Osman},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering},
Magnetic resonance (MR) tagging is capable of accurate, noninvasive quantification of regional myocardial function. Routine clinical use, however, is hindered by cumbersome and time-consuming postprocessing procedures. We propose a fast, semiautomatic method for tracking three-dimensional (3-D) cardiac motion from a temporal sequence of short- and long-axis tagged MR images. The new method, called 3-D-HARmonic Phase (3D-HARP), extends the HARP approach, previously described for two-dimensional… CONTINUE READING