Fast track to the trichome: induction of N-acyl nornicotines precedes nicotine induction in Nicotiana repanda

  title={Fast track to the trichome: induction of N-acyl nornicotines precedes nicotine induction in Nicotiana repanda},
  author={Grit Laue and Catherine A. Preston and Ian T. Baldwin},
 Nicotiana repanda Wildenow ex Lehmann acylates nornicotine in its trichomes to produce N-acyl-nornicotine (NacNN) alkaloids which are dramatically more toxic than nicotine is to the nicotine-adapted herbivore, Manduca sexta. These NacNNs, like nicotine, were induced by methyl jasmonate (MeJA) and wounding, but the 2-fold increase in NacNN pools was much faster (within 6 h) than the MeJA-induced increase in nornicotine pools (24 h to 4 d), its parent substrate. When 15NO3 − pulse-chase… CONTINUE READING

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