Fast time-frequency transform algorithms and their applications to real-time software implementation of AC-3 audio codec

  title={Fast time-frequency transform algorithms and their applications to real-time software implementation of AC-3 audio codec},
  author={Yu-Chi Chen and Chien-Wu Tsai and Ja-Ling Wu},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics},
AC-3 audio coding technology is a kind of perceptual audio coder (PAC) developed by the Dolby Company. Up to 5 full-bandwidth channels and one subwoofer channel (cutoff at 120 Hz) are available in AC-3 to provide multi-channel, low bit rate, and high perceptual quality of audio. This explains why AC-3 has become the audio standard of many international standards. In this paper, we focus on the real-time software implementation issues of AC-3. Two fast algorithms of the time-frequency transform… Expand
On Properties, Relations, and Simplified Implementation of Filter Banks in the Dolby Digital (Plus) AC-3 Audio Coding Standards
  • V. Britanak
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech, and Language Processing
  • 2011
It is shown that there exists a simple relation between the time domain aliased data sequence recovered by the backward long (MDCT) and those of two short transforms, which means that the current implementation of AC-3 filter banks for the time/frequency transformation of an audio data block can be simplified in the encoder and the forward long ( MDCT) transform computation is required only. Expand
Implementation of the MPEG-4 advanced audio coding encoder on ADSP-21060 SHARC
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A Multi-Channel AC-3 Encoder Architecture Design and Optimization
It is proved that after the rearrangement of the data structure, the data could be passed down efficiently and clearly and the loop time could be reduced. Expand


A fast algorithm for the implementation of filter banks based on 'time domain aliasing cancellation'
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The authors concentrate on the subband/transform coding scheme using filter banks known as time domain aliasing cancellation (TDAC), which involves a window on a set of N data, overlapping by N/2 with the previous one, followed by a TDAC transform. Expand
A differential perceptual audio coding method with reduced bitrate requirements
An error analysis for the proposed audio transform coding technique is presented, indicating that an average of 30% in compression gain can be achieved, with a small deterioration in the audio quality of the coded signal. Expand
Regular implementation algorithms of time domain aliasing cancellation
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Principles of Digital Audio
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Analysis/Synthesis filter bank design based on time domain aliasing cancellation
A single-sideband analysis/synthesis system is proposed which provides perfect reconstruction of a signal from a set of critically sampled analysis signals and allows overlap between adjacent time windows, implying that time domain aliasing is introduced in the analysis; however, thisAliasing is cancelled in the synthesis process, and the system can provide perfect reconstruction. Expand
Signal processing with lapped transforms
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On computing the discrete Fourier and cosine transforms
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An efficient algorithm based on real matrix decomposition is developed for computing a class of sinusoidal transforms, that include the discrete Fourier and cosine transform.