Fast-switching magnet serving a spallation-driven ultracold neutron source

  title={Fast-switching magnet serving a spallation-driven ultracold neutron source},
  author={S. T. Ahmed and Emily Altiere and Taraneh Andalib and Michael J. Barnes and Bill Bell and Christopher Paul Bidinosti and Yu.V. Bylinsky and J. Chak and M. Das and Charles A. Davis and F. Fischer and Beatrice Franke and M. T. W. Gericke and Pietro Giampa and Michael Hahn and S. Hansen-Romu and Kichiji Hatanaka and T Hayamizu and Blair Jamieson and D. Jones and Kalliopi Katsika and Shinsuke Kawasaki and Tatsuya Kikawa and Wolfgang Klassen and Akira Konaka and Elie Jean Korkmaz and Florian Kuchler and L. L. Kurchaninov and Michael Lang and L. T. Lee and Thomas Lindner and Kirk W. Madison and Juliette Mammei and R. R. Mammei and J. W. Martin and Ryohei Matsumiya and Eric Miller and T. Momose and Rudiger Picker and Edgard Pierre and W. D. Ramsay and Yi-nong Rao and W. R. Rawnsley and Lori Rebenitsch and Wolfgang Schreyer and S. Sidhu and S. Vanbergen and W.T.H. van Oers and Y. X. Watanabe and Dakota Manitoba and The University of British Columbia and Center for Space Research and Triumf and McGill University and Montreal. and The University of Winnipeg and Coburg University of Applied Sciences and Arts and Research Institute for Solid State Physics and Riken and High Energy Accelerator Research Organization and Kek and Kyoto University and University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University},
  journal={Physical Review Accelerators and Beams},
A fast-switching, high-repetition-rate magnet and power supply have been developed for and operated at TRIUMF, to deliver a proton beam to the new ultracold neutron (UCN) facility. The facility possesses unique operational requirements: a time-averaged beam current of 40~$\mu$A with the ability to switch the beam on or off for several minutes. These requirements are in conflict with the typical operation mode of the TRIUMF cyclotron which delivers nearly continuous beam to multiple users. To… Expand
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A beamline for fundamental neutron physics at TRIUMF
  • S. Ahmed, T. Andalib, +44 authors D. Yosifov
  • Physics
  • Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment
  • 2019
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