Fast-spike interneurons and feedforward inhibition in awake sensory neocortex.

  title={Fast-spike interneurons and feedforward inhibition in awake sensory neocortex.},
  author={Harvey A Swadlow},
  journal={Cerebral cortex},
  volume={13 1},
'Fast-spike' interneurons of layer 4 mediate thalamocortical feedforward inhibition and can, with some confidence, be identified using extracellular methods. In somatosensory barrel cortex of awake rabbits, these 'suspected inhibitory interneurons' (SINs) have distinct receptive field properties: they respond to vibrissa displacement with very high sensitivity and temporal fidelity. However, they lack the directional specificity that is clearly seen in most of their ventrobasal thalamocortical… CONTINUE READING


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