Fast odometry and scene flow from RGB-D cameras based on geometric clustering


In this paper we propose an efficient solution to jointly estimate the camera motion and a piecewise-rigid scene flow from an RGB-D sequence. The key idea is to perform a two-fold segmentation of the scene, dividing it into geometric clusters that are, in turn, classified as static or moving elements. Representing the dynamic scene as a set of rigid clusters drastically accelerates the motion estimation, while segmenting it into static and dynamic parts allows us to separate the camera motion (odometry) from the rest of motions observed in the scene. The resulting method robustly and accurately determines the motion of an RGB-D camera in dynamic environments with an average runtime of 80 milliseconds on a multi-core CPU. The code is available for public use/test.

DOI: 10.1109/ICRA.2017.7989459

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