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Fast initial guess estimation for digital image correlation

  title={Fast initial guess estimation for digital image correlation},
  author={P. Tu},
  • P. Tu
  • Published 2017
  • Computer Science, Physics
  • ArXiv
Digital image correlation (DIC) is a widely used optical metrology for quantitative deformation measurement due to its non-contact, low-cost, highly precise feature. [...] Key Result Numerical and real experiments show that the proposed algorithm, adaptive incremental dissimilarity approximations algorithm (A-IDA), has the following characteristics: 1) Compared with inverse compositional Gauss-Newton (IC-GN) sub-pixel registration algorithm, the computational time required by A-IDA algorithm is negligible…Expand


Path-independent digital image correlation with high accuracy, speed and robustness
The experimental study demonstrates that a path-independent DIC method is capable to achieve high accuracy, efficiency and robustness in full-field measurement of deformation, by combining an inverse compositional Gauss–Newton (IC-GN) algorithm for sub-pixel registration with a fast Fourier transform-based cross correlation (FFT-CC) algorithm to estimate the initial guess. Expand
Fast, Robust and Accurate Digital Image Correlation Calculation Without Redundant Computations
High-efficiency and high-accuracy deformation analysis using digital image correlation (DIC) has become increasingly important in recent years, considering the ongoing trend of using higherExpand
Large deformation measurement using digital image correlation: a fully automated approach.
The proposed method not only ensures a rapid and correct convergence of the nonlinear optimization algorithm by providing a complete and accurate initial guess of deformation for each measurement point, but also effectively deals with deformed images with relatively large rotation and/or heterogeneous deformation. Expand
A self-adaptive sampling digital image correlation algorithm for accurate displacement measurement
A self-adaptive sampling DIC algorithm for accurate and reliable displacement computation over entire specimen surfaces is developed, which demonstrates that the set of self- Adaptive sampling algorithm is capable of recovering more accurate and precise full-field displacements compared to the conventional D IC algorithm with equidistant sampling. Expand
Superfast robust digital image correlation analysis with parallel computing
Benefiting from the improved RGDT strategy and the multithread computing, superfast DIC analysis can be accomplished without sacrificing its robustness and accuracy. Expand
Reliability-guided digital image correlation for image deformation measurement.
  • B. Pan
  • Computer Science, Medicine
  • Applied optics
  • 2009
The proposed novel DIC method is universally applicable to the images with shadows, discontinuous areas, and deformation discontinuity and clearly demonstrate its robustness and effectiveness. Expand
High accuracy digital image correlation powered by GPU-based parallel computing
The paDIC method, combining an inverse compositional Gauss–Newton algorithm for sub-pixel registration with a fast Fourier transform-based cross correlation (FFT-CC) algorithm for integer-pixel initial guess estimation, achieves a superior computation efficiency over the DIC method purely running on CPU. Expand
Subpixel displacement and deformation gradient measurement using digital image/speckle correlation (DISC)
An iterative, spatial-gradient based algorithm is developed, which uses only first-order spatial derivatives of the images before and after deformation, and an application of DISC to thermome- chanical diagnostics of electronic packaging is presented. Expand
Real-Time Digital Image Correlation for Dynamic Strain Measurement
The algorithms for Digital image correlation (DIC) in subpixel determination have been well developed regarding the accuracy and efficiency. In this paper, an efficient integer-pixel search schemeExpand
Application of an improved subpixel registration algorithm on digital speckle correlation measurement
A high efficient gradient-based algorithm to determine the subpixel registration of the DSCM and the practical deformation measurements with the rigid body translation and rotation as well as an experiment on biomechanics are presented to certify the feasibility and the validity of the algorithm. Expand