Fast-forward of adiabatic dynamics in quantum mechanics


We propose a method to accelerate adiabatic dynamics of wave functions (WFs) in quantum mechanics to obtain a final adiabatic state except for the spatially uniform phase in any desired short time. In our previous work, acceleration of the dynamics of WFs was shown to obtain the final state in any short time by applying driving potential. We develop the previous theory of fast-forward to derive a driving potential for the fast-forward of adiabatic dynamics. A typical example is the fast-forward of adiabatic transport of a WF, which is the ideal transport in the sense that a stationary WF is transported to an aimed position in any desired short time without leaving any disturbance at the final time of the fast-forward. As other important examples, we show accelerated manipulations of WFs, such as their splitting and squeezing. The theory is also applicable to macroscopic quantum mechanics described by the nonlinear Schrödinger equation.

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