Fast enhancement layer intra coding based on inter-channel correlations and TU depth correlation in SHVC

  title={Fast enhancement layer intra coding based on inter-channel correlations and TU depth correlation in SHVC},
  author={Guojing Zhu and Gaoxing Chen and Takeshi Ikenaga},
  journal={2016 IEEE 12th International Colloquium on Signal Processing \& Its Applications (CSPA)},
The scalable extension of High Efficiency Video Coding (SHVC) is now being developed by the Joint Collaborative Team on Video (JCT-VC). In SHVC, the enhancement layer (EL) employs the same coding methods as the base layer (BL) for different color components, namely one luminance (luma) and two chrominance (chroma) color components, which causes heavy computation cost. This paper proposes a fast EL luma and chroma intra coding algorithm for all intra configuration in SHVC. The correlation of… 

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