Fast dynamics and emergent topological defects in long-range interacting particle systems

  title={Fast dynamics and emergent topological defects in long-range interacting particle systems},
  author={Zhenwei Yao},
  journal={The European Physical Journal E},
  • Zhenwei Yao
  • Published 1 July 2021
  • Physics
  • The European Physical Journal E
Long-range interacting systems exhibit unusual physical properties not shared by systems with short-range interactions. Understanding the dynamical and statistical effects of long-range interactions yields insights into a host of physical systems in nature and industry. In this work, we investigate the classical microscopic dynamics of screened Coulomb interacting particles confined in the disk, and reveal the featured dynamics and emergent statistical regularities created by the long-range… 



Command of Collective Dynamics by Topological Defects in Spherical Crystals.

This work highlights the defect-driven synchronized breathing modes around disclinations and collective oscillations with strong connection to disruption of crystalline order in particle arrays, opening the promising possibility of an organizational principle based on topological defects.

Ordering, metastability and phase transitions in two-dimensional systems

A new definition of order called topological order is proposed for two-dimensional systems in which no long-range order of the conventional type exists. The possibility of a phase transition

Coulomb interactions in charged fluids.

A simple analytical O(N(2)) method is proposed which is based on Gauss's law for computing exactly the Coulomb interaction between charged particles in a simulation box, when it is averaged over all possible orientations of a surrounding infinite lattice.

Fractionalization of interstitials in curved colloidal crystals.

This work inserts interstitials in a lattice of similar colloidal particles sitting on flat or curved oil/glycerol interfaces, and imaged the ensuing dynamics to suggest the existence of particle fractionalization on curved surface crystals.

Topological defects in flat geometry: the role of density inhomogeneity.

The novel mechanism of density inhomogeneity driven topological defects as well as the underlying geometric structure may shed light in understanding a wide variety of relevant systems.

Discrete Self-Similarity in Interfacial Hydrodynamics and the Formation of Iterated Structures.

It is demonstrated that iterated structures appear as a consequence of discrete self-similarity, where certain patterns repeat themselves, subject to rescaling, periodically in a logarithmic time scale, creating an infinite sequence of ridges and filaments with similarity properties.

Entropy production in systems with long range interactions

It is found that the characteristic time for the entropy production scales with the number of particles as , with , so that in the thermodynamic limit entropy production takes an infinite amount of time.

Long-range interactions and wave patterns in a DNA model

The model equation is a modified sine-Gordon equation, which predicts high-amplitude and extended oscillating waves for high values of the long-range parameter and the linear stability analysis of a plane wave is performed.