Fast control latency uncertainty elimination for the BESIII ETOF upgrade

  title={Fast control latency uncertainty elimination for the BESIII ETOF upgrade},
  author={Yun Wang and Ping Cao and Shubin Liu and Qi An},
  journal={Chinese Physics C},
A new fanning topology is proposed to precisely fan out fast control signals in the Beijing Spectrometer (BESIII) end-cap time-of-flight (ETOF) electronics. However, uncertainty in transfer latency is introduced by the new fanning channel, which will degrade the precision of fast control. In this paper, latency uncertainty elimination for the BESIII ETOF upgrade is introduced. The latency uncertainty is determined by a Time-Digital-Converter (TDC) embedded in a Field-Programmable Gate Array… 
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The Time-of-Flight (TOF) detector is the key detector in the Beijing Spectrometer (BESIII) for charged hadron identification [1], [2]. It is composed of the barrel TOF (BTOF) and the end-cap TOF


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