Fast classification method for fractal image compression

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  • T. TruongJ. Jeng
  • Published in SPIE Optics + Photonics 1 August 2000
  • Computer Science
In this paper, a fast algorithm is developed which reduces the searching space for Fractal image coding. The basic idea is to classify the domain pool into three classes, non- edged class, horizontal/vertical class and the diagonal class. For each given range block, the property is computed first to determine which class it belongs. Then one only has to search from the corresponding class in the domain pool to find the best match. The classification operation is performed only according to the… 



Image coding based on a fractal theory of iterated contractive image transformations

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The author proposes an independent and novel approach to image coding, based on a fractal theory of iterated transformations, that relies on the assumption that image redundancy can be efficiently exploited through self-transformability on a block-wise basis and approximates an original image by a Fractal image.

Fractal image compression: theory and application

Working C code for a fractal encoding/decoding scheme capable of encoding images in a few seconds, decoding at arbitrary resolution, and achieving high compression rations is proposed.

Image compression: A study of the iterated transform method

Iterated function systems and the global construction of fractals

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Iterated function systems (i. f. ss) are introduced as a unified way of generating a broad class of fractals. These fractals are often attractors for i. f. ss and occur as the supports of probability

A better way to compress images

The main ideas behind a new method for image compression using fractals are described, which has yielded compression ratios in excess of 10,000 to 1 (bringing the authors' aerial photo down to a manageable 13,000 bytes).

Barnsley's scheme for the fractal encoding of images

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Methods and apparatus for image compression by iterated function systems.

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