Fast cholesterol flip-flop and lack of swelling in skin lipid multilayers

  title={Fast cholesterol flip-flop and lack of swelling in skin lipid multilayers},
  author={Chinmay Das and Massimo G. Noro and Peter D. Olmsted},
Atomistic simulations were performed on hydrated model lipid multilayers that are representative of the lipid matrix in the outer skin (stratum corneum). We find that cholesterol transfers easily between adjacent leaflets belonging to the same bilayer via fast orientational diffusion (tumbling) in the inter-leaflet disordered region, while at the same time there is a large free energy cost against swelling. This fast flip-flop may play an important role in accommodating the variety of… 

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Effect of Ceramide Tail Length on the Structure of Model Stratum Corneum Lipid Bilayers.
An equilibration protocol is proposed and validated based on simulated tempering, in which the simulation takes a random walk through temperature space, allowing the system to break out of metastable configurations and hence become decorrelated from its initial configuration.
The physics of stratum corneum lipid membranes
  • Chinmay Das, P. Olmsted
  • Physics, Biology
    Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences
  • 2016
The nature of the tail packing in the gel-like phase, the hydrogen bond network among head groups, the bending moduli expected for leaflets comprising SC lipids and the conformation of very long ceramide lipids in multi-bilayer lipid assemblies are addressed.
Molecular dynamics simulations of stratum corneum lipid mixtures: A multiscale perspective.
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The permeability enhancing mechanism of menthol on skin lipids: a molecular dynamics simulation study
Simulation results show that the penetration enhancement of menthol may take place through direct interactions with lipids rather than by forming water pores, consistent with the experimental evidence that high concentrations of Menthol fluidize the SC lipids and enhance permeability.
Mechanisms of lipid extraction from skin lipid bilayers by sebum triglycerides.
It is shown that the sebum triglycerides, a major component of sebum, interact strongly with the epidermal lipids and extract them from the bilayer using microsecond time scale molecular dynamics simulations.
Impact of the ceramide subspecies on the nanostructure of stratum corneum lipids using neutron scattering and molecular dynamics simulations. Part I: impact of CER[NS].
For this study mixtures based on the ceramides [NS] and [AP] in a 2:1 and 1:2 ratio, together with cholesterol and lignoceric acid, were investigated, demonstrating only low redundancy between the different ceramide species, despite only minor chemical differences.
State of the Art in Stratum Corneum Research. Part II: Hypothetical Stratum Corneum Lipid Matrix Models
This review is the second part of a series which presents the state of the art in stratum corneum (SC) lipid matrix (LM) research in depth, unifying the varying different models into one which can be developed further, as new results are found in the future.


  • R. Rosenfeld
  • Medicine
    Otolaryngology--head and neck surgery : official journal of American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery
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I am writing with a simple plea to balance the voluminous articles about treatment in your journal with a modicum of information about nature and caring effects to rekindle the perception of physicians as healers, not only treaters, who relish the gifts of nature, and foster the humanistic aspect of medicine that has thrived for millennia.
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