Fast characterization of non domestic load in urban wastewater networks by UV spectrophotometry.


Urban wastewater treatment plant efficiency, as well as biosolid quality, depends on urban wastewater quality, which can be affected by non domestic discharges (industrial, commercial etc.). The characterization of wastewater quality and non domestic discharge is complex, expensive and time consuming. However, these discharges must be controlled and reduced if possible. The development of a simple and fast methodology, namely based on alternative methods such as UV spectrophotometry, has been carried out and applied to different areas of a medium sized town of Southern Québec (Canada). Several autosamplers and on line/on site measurements have been used in critical control points of the network areas, for a dry weather campaign in four areas (industrial, commercial, hospital and university). The flow rate study, completed by the exploitation of conductivity measurements and the qualitative examination of UV spectra allows the discrimination of non domestic loads and their variability study from one point to another. The identification of critical discharges and organic shock loads has been possible with low investment, and mitigation actions have been proposed.

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