Fast changes in growth rate and cytokinin content of the shoot following rapid cooling of roots of wheat seedling

  title={Fast changes in growth rate and cytokinin content of the shoot following rapid cooling of roots of wheat seedling},
  author={Guzel R. Kudoyarova and Rashit G Farhutdinov and A. N. Mitrichenko and Irina Teplova and Alexander V Dedov and S. U. Veselov and Olga Kulaeva},
  journal={Plant Growth Regulation},
Changes in the concentration of cytokinins were studied following root cooling. Simultaneously, the growth rate of the second leaf was monitored with a highly sensitive growth sensor attached to its tip. Cytokinins were separated by thin layer chromatography and immunoassayed using antibodies to zeatin riboside. The extension rate of the second leaf decreased within 15 minutes of cooling the nutrient medium from 24 °C to 4 °C. The concentration of cytokinins in shoots decreased with similar… CONTINUE READING
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