Fast cancer uptake of 99mTc-labelled bombesin (99mTc BN1).

  title={Fast cancer uptake of 99mTc-labelled bombesin (99mTc BN1).},
  author={Francesco Scopinaro and Giovanni Di Santo and Anna Tofani and Roberto Massari and Carlo Trotta and Marzia Ragone and Spyros C Archimandritis and Alexandra D. Varvarigou},
  journal={In vivo},
  volume={19 6},
In human blood, breakdown of gastrin-releasing peptide and other bombesin-related peptides occurs in less than 15 min. This quick enzymatic cleavage might impair the diagnostic use of labelled bombesin (BN). 99mTc-labelled bombesin (99mTc BN1) was injected intravenously and dynamic uptake data were acquired for diagnosing 26 cancers of different origin: 15 breast, 3 prostate, 5 colo-rectal, 1 pancreas, 2 small cell lung cancers and 1 gastrinoma. Background subtracted tumour uptake data were… CONTINUE READING

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