Fast calculation of IFS parameters for fractal image coding

  title={Fast calculation of IFS parameters for fractal image coding},
  author={Masaki Harada and Tadahiko Kimoto and Toshiaki Fujii and Masayuki Tanimoto},
  booktitle={Visual Communications and Image Processing},
Fractal image coding based on Iterated Function System (IFS) has been attracting much interest because of possibilities of drastic data compression. It achieves compression by using the self-similarity in an image. It is one of the weak points on IFS that the calculation time is huge. Especially, the amount of calculation on scaling parameter and rmse is very huge. In this paper, we propose two schemes to reduce the calculation time while the quality of the image is kept. The first one reduces… 
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Les tubes de mouvement : nouvelle représentation pour les séquences d'images. (Motion tubes: a new representation for image sequences)

  • M. Urvoy
  • Philosophy, Computer Science
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Cette approche soit deja tres efficace (cf. standards AVC et futur HEVC), l'emploi d'approches en rupture reste toujours envisageable, ainsi que de suivre les deplacements et les deformations de patchs de texture.


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