Fast attempts at the photodynamic treatment of human gliomas.

  title={Fast attempts at the photodynamic treatment of human gliomas.},
  author={Chiara Perria and T. Capuzzo and G R Cavagnaro and R. Datti and N. Francaviglia and C R Rivano and V E Tercero},
  journal={Journal of neurosurgical sciences},
  volume={24 3-4},
Photodynamic therapy is based on the capacity of certain substances to preferentially stain neoplastic tissues in respect to healthy tissues, and on the property of such substances to produce cytotoxic agents when excited by light of an appropriate wavelength. The authors demonstrate the first attempts to photoradiant therapy in the treatment of human gliomas utilizing a hematoporphyrin derivative injected i.v. as a sensitizing drug. A He Ne Laser (632,8 nm) was used in order to trigger the… CONTINUE READING

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