Fast approximate Fourier transform via wavelets transform

  title={Fast approximate Fourier transform via wavelets transform},
  author={Haitao Guo and C. Sidney Burrus},
  booktitle={Optics \& Photonics},
We propose an algorithm that uses the discrete wavelet transform as a tool to compute the discrete Fourier transform (DFT). The Cooley-Tukey FFT is shown to be a special case of the proposed algorithm when the wavelets in use are trivial. If no intermediate coefficients are dropped and no approximations are made, the proposed algorithm computes the exact results, and its computational complexity is on the same order of the FFT. The main advantage of the proposed algorithm is that the good time… 
Wavelet transform based fast approximate Fourier transform
  • Haitao Guo, C. Burrus
  • Computer Science
    1997 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing
  • 1997
We propose an algorithm that uses the discrete wavelet transform (DWT) as a tool to compute the discrete Fourier transform (DFT). The Cooley-Tukey FFT is shown to be a special case of the proposed
Computation of Wavelet and Multiwavelet Transforms Using Fast Fourier Transform
A novel fast and efficient algorithm was proposed that uses the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) as a tool to compute the Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) and Discrete Multiwavelet Transform. The Haar
Higher-order spectra computation using wavelet transform
  • Q. Memon
  • Computer Science
    SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing
  • 2000
This paper proposes an algorithm that combines two signal processing analysis tools: higher-order spectral analysis and wavelets and develops wavelet-based algorithm for computational of polyspectra.
Fast fourier transforms and the Fujitsu VPP300
A one-dimensional Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) is defined to be a linear transform which satisfies the convolution property: a convolution can be performed on two vectors by performing a DFT on
Notes on the FFT
This is a note describing results on eecient algorithms to calculate the discrete Fourier transform (DFT) at Rice University, but other contributions used by the DSP research group at Rice are also cited.
A Wavelet-FFT Based Efficient Sparse OFDMA Demodulator and Its Implementation on VLIW Architecture
This work presents the algorithm and implementation of an energy-scalable OFDMA demodulator exploiting the afore-mentioned sparseness, and applies Wavelet transform to perform decompositions based FFT, dropping low-energy bands and pruning useless dataflows.
Performance Models and Search Methods for Optimal FFT Implementations
These test results demonstrate that good algorithms and codes, accurate performance evaluation models, and effective search methods, combined together provide a system framework (library) to derive automatically fast FFT implementations.
A wavelet-like filter based on neuron action potentials for analysis of human scalp electroencephalographs
This paper describes the development and testing of a wavelet-like filter, named the SNAP, created from a neural activity simulation and used, in place of a wavelet, in a wavelet transform for
A Novel Motion Detection Method Using 3D Discrete Wavelet Transform
A novel per-pixel motion descriptor is proposed for motion detection in video sequences which outperforms the current methods in the literature particularly in severe scenarios and is compared to the state of the art approaches in several public benchmark datasets.
The Quality-Energy Scalable OFDMA Modulation for Low Power Transmitter and VLIW Processor Based Implementation
This paper presents the scalable design and VLIW processor based implementation of the OFDMA modulator, which is one of the most energy consuming parts ofOFDMA and MIMO- OFDma transmitters (in IEEE 802.16e, 3GPP LTE, etc.), and enables it to scale the modulation- accuracy and computation-load.