Fast and Scalable Distributed Boolean Tensor Factorization

  title={Fast and Scalable Distributed Boolean Tensor Factorization},
  author={Namyong Park and Sejoon Oh and U. Kang},
  journal={2017 IEEE 33rd International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE)},
How can we analyze tensors that are composed of 0's and 1's? How can we efficiently analyze such Boolean tensors with millions or even billions of entries? Boolean tensors often represent relationship, membership, or occurrences of events such as subject-relation-object tuples in knowledge base data (e.g., 'Seoul'-'is the capital of'-'South Korea'). Boolean tensor factorization (BTF) is a useful tool for analyzing binary tensors to discover latent factors from them. Furthermore, BTF is known to… CONTINUE READING


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